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Yesterday U have been thinking and I have 2 ideas of things that maybe can be added to the site. Maybe the admins of this portal cann add FAQ's(maybe with all the secrets in all the levels of crusader no regret and no remorse) or walktroughs or stuff like that. I know you can find these things on other sites as well, but maybe it would be good if they could be added here as well.

This site has a lot of die-hard fans who know a lot of secrets in the levels of both games. Maybe we could put all these things in a document and post it here?

And what about a sitemap? Many sites have a sitemap and it prolly aint that hard to inplement it here as well.

So what do you guys think about it?
I've been contemplating to write my own walkthrough of both games, but then I realized that would take hours and hours and hours. I bet if the community all works on it, it'd go much much faster. Like if I was assigned Mission 1, Shadowen Mission 2, etc.

I'm not sure about a sitemap. Cyb does most of the technical stuff. He'll give you an answer.  :)
Well a full walktrough would be a lot of work. But what about all the secrets of all the levels of both games?
Yeah, I guess we could create a small 'Help' section to the left with secrets... then eventually walkthroughs and tech support stuff.
A gameplay FAQ is appreciated. But I'd rather it only contains some crucial points where a newbie/player who knows little English would easily get stuck, e.g,  No Regret M8 defense battery console and M9 Central Computer Core. If somebody needs to know the secrets, he'd better look into a separate thread with strong spoiler warning at the beginning.

For No Regret walkthrough, an Indian fan of the game named Arun Kumar Srinivasan has already done a great job. Though text of the walkthrough on his site is incompleted, he's made enough screenshots of all missions with proper captions to guide you through the game.  Spoiler may downgrade gameplay experience, so watch your steps.
Link: http://rajan.cycloeastern.com/arun/regret/index.php

For No Remorse, writing text is not that hard, but screenshots are required to serve the purpose better. It's no need to get the text down to great level of details. Just leave some room for exploring.

Anyway, aren't we all crusader game veterans?
Wow, I've never seen that website before. That's awesome.

It is true that we are all Crusader veterans... but if some new guy comes and doesn't know what to do, we'll have the walkthrough there for him.
Ah, this is the famous unofficial FAQ. As I remember, this site(the Echo Sector) hosted this file before it crashed and lost most of its content. It's also hosted by many other sites.

"You may distribute this file, as long as the copies are complete, unaltered, and are in electronic form only. If you wish to include this file on a CD-ROM or other commercial product, you must first contact me and ask permission. This document is copyright 1998 by Nate Schwartzman."

So no extra request is needed.
ya we had that FAQ, i'm going to add it again and the whole new section. And actually I'm going to create all those FAQ's in pdf format.

If you wish guys we all may start writing a Crusader FAQ, our very own oe, than I'll design a PDF file for it will all the graphics.

Just let us create a new topic where we can post different stuff. Like one person discribes mission with screens, another one does the same, etc... than i'll work this out inside PDF. Will be perfect and very colorful stuff :D
Would be really cool to create our own faq. The gameFAQS FAQ is good, but a little incomplete on the secrets I think. Also we could add screens and stuff. If we can work in teams to do the job, i'd be nice.
Keenan Weaver link said:
Wow, I've never seen that website before. That's awesome.

It is true that we are all Crusader veterans... but if some new guy comes and doesn't know what to do, we'll have the walkthrough there for him.

Yep, that's true Keenan. Ohby the way, I know this might be out of topic but is a suggestion...have you tried capturing crusader videos, running the game with dosbox 0.70. And then ripping them in other formats?...using the key Ctrl+ALT+F5 I could captured a bit of one and it sees good, not so good but it can be modified or get fixed. You should try it?. ;) :)
Of Course,  ;). The only problem is that you've got to play the entire game but what else you have? :-\.  ::). This is usefull what I do playing Crusader games is to save the begining of each mision, or you may use the warp command line for saving time. ::) O0.
I made that FAQ almost 10 years ago now... maybe I should update it but my copies of Crusader are in another country right now. If anybody wants to they can use anything from it to make a new version. As I recall the version floating around most places has some problem and the info about game controls is mostly corrupted.