An idea....


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I'm yet to catch up on the 3 years of forum talk i have missed but i have scanned some mod pages and ideas for mods and i am very impressed with a lot of the input! It's really a shame nothing is in concrete development (which i hope will change) but there's no shortage of ideas for new Crusader material.

One thing i was thinking today though is how in-depth the story could get following on from the first 2 games. But then i thought what about playing from the perspective before both of the games??

There's a similar theme going with films such as Batman Begins (which is easily the best Batman film) and is set before Bruce Wayne even becomes Batman, and also the new James Bond film where you witness how 007 receives his status.
It would open so many more possibilities and give the chance for the gamer to see the perspective from the WEC side instead of the resistance if a new Crusader was made and set before the first game leading up to the point in No Remorse where you are seen with your comrades in the intro sequence.
So instead you will be playing each mission for the WEC which could involve all sorts of crazy fun like being sent out to assasinate resistance forces. Then obviously you will lead up to the point where you discover how corrupt the people you work for are until you change sides to the team we all know and love!

It might all sound really stupid but i'd like to know what people think? It's not as if i have the smarts to make it anyway i'm just pitching an idea to people who dig the game as much as me.
Could definately be interesting but I think it can be very hard to implement that in the story.

Of course you could do the missions in that way were the silencer kinda thinks he is doing the right thing because the rebels are shwon as terrorists and all think they are the bad guys.

The last mission has to be like I dont know you have the mission to kill those civilians that are metnioned in the intro of no remorse and well they dont do it or something  :D