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Hey guys, this is one of the hottest types of fashion in Asia now. These hairstyles are very unique and they give the person have an anime appearence. They are not worn only in Japan, Korea, and China, but other asian countries as well. This is the most generic fashion in Asia.

Common names for this style: Asian Hair, Fob hair (fresh off the boat hair), crazy hairstyles, Anime hair.








The anime asian hair fashion is getting popular now in Asia, the hair is the fashion itself. I know this will sound funny, but they are becoming an art form as well lol. You don't need to have a pretty looking face or beautiful skin, the hair will make the biggest difference to your overall look hehehe. I am asian, I would like to share this new style of art growing there.
I always thought that kind of hairstyle was more the thing in Japan rather then Korea and China. I don't quite call it anime hair though. They'd have to be making it blue, green and silver then. :D Sorry, bad humor.
No worries :). Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong invented them. I think the famous asian celebrities popularized them most. I have the hair too, mine is like cloud strife's hair, but it's black color.

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Asian Hairstyles!

wow looks awesome, I would like a RYU style hair if it's posible! I'm a SF big fan!!!! and or a Gouki white hair style!!!. Those guys look like Kyo from King Of Fihgters or Some of Ranma and other anime style. Pretty cool!.
i'm a big SF fan and KOF fan too! You can cosplay anime characters with this hair very well. I'm glad you liked it :) . I'm going to get a new asian haircut next month. I'm planning to go for something like L from Death Note.
this is my friend, he has the asian hair too. what do you think of his looks? I think he looks like a j-rock star. a lot of my friends have this hair.