No Regret Bugs/unexplainable things

JC Denton

I believe many of us have witnessed some weird things while playing No Regret (or Crusader series in general). Out of all things that bugged me over the years, I can remember two distinctive things that keep repeating on every playthrough I ever did in the last ~18 years. :)

1. Being followed by civilians:

For some reason, an NPC starts following you everywhere and no matter what you do and where you go, he will found you (unless, of course, you use an elevator or get him killed by a hazard). He will not stop even if you get into a firefight. This created some hilarious situations where I successfully "saved" an NPC by letting him follow me around and protecting him from guards, turrets and hazards, and eventually led him to an elevator to the next level in which he walked in alongside me. :)

2. A guard "getting a heart attack" at the start of level 3:

For some reason, at the very beginning of the mission where you have to gain access to the lunar tubeway system, the guard on the right just collapses by himself without any visible hazard killing him.

I'll add to this thread as I remember and/or encounter more weird situations.
Nice thread. I'll think of things and post them when I see or remember them.

Concerning yours, I don't think I've witnessed the first. But I must also admit that I've played Crusader completely immoral (not amoral, I know I'm a bastard) and gun everyone down that I come across. Only in my current playthrough have I started to instil my Silencer with a sense of morality. I try to avoid civilian casualties but not the fullest extend. If they get in the way between my trust AC-88 and an Enforcer, then he might bite the bullet. Also I gun them down when they go for alarms or say the wrong things. If they say "don't hurt me", I won't. If they call me a stupid rebel or call for guards I mow them down.

I have seen civilians who completely ignore me, even when I'm standing almost next to them gunning down hordes of guards. They just keep moving around as if nothing happened and not even go for an alarm padd.

I've seen unexplainable guard deaths, but I can't recall the exact situations. I do know that I've not encountered the one you describe, but I've seen others. Perhaps he became so scared of seeing you enter he indeed died of a heart attack. Can you blame the guard? ;)
I have another one (maybe someone tried this already). For this one you need ISOs of both No Remorse and No Regret.

Basically, I mounted No Remorse ISO and installed it in DOSBox. After that I mounted No Regret ISO and ran No Remorse. It actually started, but with no intro sequence or music. I started a new game and the first level loaded but all garbled and glitchy but interestignly with enemy sprites from No Regret! You can't really move all that much and the game crashed eventually. Vice versa also worked (running No Regret with No Remorse ISO mounted) with similar results...

Now, I can understand why the game and level loaded (same engine, similar sprites and other assets...), but I can't figure out why it loaded enemies from No Regret. I thought that sprites are being loaded from SHAPES.FLX file located in the game directory.

Any thoughts?
Here's the bug I've been talking about (NPC following you around):

I recorded this with my cell phone and had to play with just one hand (that's why it looks like I suck at Crusader :D). BTW, sorry for the clicky noise that is coming from the keyboard that I use for work - it's a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches. I use this for work because it's the best thing for typing (and my day-to-day work involves a lot of Bash and PowerShell stuff...) and I have another one for gaming purposes with Cherry MX Brown switches which are not as noisy but it was not around. ;)