can not open file (null), in file FILE\FASTFLEX. C, line 38


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I cannot understand why i cannot get this file to open on my windows 7 laptop.
i mount the cd on deamon, then i run dosbox, mount c c:\crusader, cd crusader, c:\ then type in crusader or install
Did you install the game while using Daemon Tools or while the CD was physically in the drive? I don't know why, but this error seems to crop up if you install one way and then try to play another way. My recommendation would be to re-install.
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Try adding those lines to your dosbox.confg inside the dosbox folder (change "d:\" and "j:\" to your actual real drives)

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
# You can put your MOUNT lines here.
mount c: d:\
mount d: j:\ -t cdrom

in this case "d:\" is where the game is actually gonne be installed and "j:\" is my demon virtual drive

Install the game and it should work with "c:" being the hard drive and "d:" being the cdrom