Can we do anything to make EA move ?


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Hi guys, glad I found this forum where other Crusader series fans are.

I wonder if we can do anything to make EA think about making a move with the Crusader license.

I mean if they don't use the license they could at least sell it right ?

I just wonder if there is anything out there we can do.

Maybe some of you came up with ideas.

Is there any official adress to the EA post office ? or any other email adress then the official customer support email adresses.

What happened to the developers that wanted to make a remake for the PSP in 2006 , which was denied by EA (idiots) are they still around somewhere ?

And what about Andrew Sega , he gave his support to the remakers , isnt there any chance to make somthing happen thorugh his possible contacts.

So thats my hello post to all of you :)