Crusader IRC Channel


Ok guys, i've setuped the IRC chat room for us, where we can meet and discuss the stuff. The chat room's name is #cybsys.

Come join me and Goku on IRC for small talk :D You will be able to find me and Goku online there. As we 2 live in the different parts of the world, so there should be someone online for sure :D hehehe. Anyway here is the coordinates:

#cybsys is currently located on the CIC's own server. Once you have installed an irc program, type or copy/paste the following commands into the chat client:

    /join #cybsys

If you have mIRC installed, you can also click this link to connect to our network and join #cybsys.

If you need an irc client program in order to connect to our chat room, use the following:

* mIRC (30-days trial period)
* Trillian (free to use)
* xChat (free to use)
I idle in the room all day every day, so please stop in and say hello. Maybe you can idle in there with me.  :D
Come on people! I'm hanging there all alone. All by myself. It's just... wrong. I mean, yeah, not everyone is using IRC with all those nasty MSN's etc. running free and wild. But perhaps we could form... somekind of thingie there. Like, every Tuesday from 20-21 (+2gmt) we could talk about... something. I mean, let's just... do something :)
I'm definitely willing to do something. I idled in the IRC channel for a few months, with only a few people dropping by. If we got the channel active, that'd be fantastic.
My computer at home is broken for 3 months already lol and here at work all chats are blocked. So far i'm unable to use anything :(

I should buy a new PC some time soon. Than I guess, I'll reestablish work on modeling.

However I'm more interested in video post processing. learned After Effects and already can make very very nice videos.