Crusader: No Hope - An Overview


Crusader: No Hope
by Cyberion Systems


Developer's note:
Crusader: No Hope is a futuristic adventure game based on the classic game series Crusader released by Origin Systems, Inc. in 1995 and 1996. The original Crusader games were action based; however, this is an adventure game, the emphasis is on story. It is recommended to know the original games to understand this game.

Vector Engine - Current Version 0.6

Currently we are working on the implementation of the vector engine to the game. The main feature of it is that it uses polygons and skeleton animation to draw the characters, thus making the animation itself very smooth. You could have seen such feature in a game called Out of This World (a.k.a. Another World). Vector Engine will be coded as a seperate module and will go public after the release of the game.

Currently we added support for the full character animation, skeletal animation, polygon support. Right now the Editor's coding is progressing pretty well. Almost all features were implemented - make vertices, link vertices and create 3 point polygons, animate the character, save animation, load animation, create frames, smooth interpolation between frames.
Right now the following features are being coded in: sprite support (textured polygons), additional tools for character/object creation, grid and snapping to grid, move multiple points, support for additional frames of animation and few more.

The story so far:
It is the nature of civilization to progress from chaos, to a strongly controlled social order, to a social order founded upon individual liberty and maintained by the consent of the governed. There are those who charge that the cycle then proceeds once more to chaos, but it is more accurate to say that chaos is always the result of the breakdown of the social order at any stage of this evolutionary process. It is the chasm which social evolution constantly skirts.
In understanding the rise of the World Economic Consortium; and the revolutionary Resistance which now challenges WEC global dominance, it is necessary to remember that all human progress is incremental. It is impossible for a civilization to go from anarchy to utopia in a single step. When the reformer of today asks himself, ?Why did people ever surrender their liberties to the WEC?? he is avoiding an answer that is painfully simple - there was a time when the WEC was far preferable to any other available options.

In 2147, the democratic world was living in bliss. Business was steady and flowing. Peace was among the inhabitants. It seemed the world was perfect at that time. However, literally beneath everyone, a cavalcade of fundamentalists calling themselves the WEC (World Economic Consortium) believed strict policy and government-controlled media and property would be the best option. Gabriel Gauthier was 24 years old when he formed the World Economic Consortium.

Gabriel David Gauthier was born in 2123 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He lived with 7 brothers and sisters and 5 mothers. At the age of 10, he became very interested with Joseph Stalin and his governmental principles. He left school at 17, and ran away from home. He survived by robbing banks for over 6 years. In November 2146, he was handing out posters in the city streets of New York promoting the fall of the current democratic government. He was arrested December 1. While in prison, he made several friends who also had the same ideas as him. On December 24, he, with his cellmates, escaped the prison and fled to Mexico. On January 1, he officially began the revolution named the World Economic Consortium.

The WEC was filled with radical rebels, bloodthirsty and ready to die for their cause. By 2149, nearly 40,000,000 people around the world became outcasts and left their homes and began living underground in support of the WEC. Because of a large population of 10,000,000,000 people, hardly anyone noticed, nor cared. On New Year?s Eve 2149, every WEC division around the world began mobilization of their forces on their home countries? border.
At exactly 12:00, January 1st, 2150 CST, the WEC began their march.  It didn't take long for the democratic ways of the old government to fall and the imperialistic ways of the WEC to take uncompromising control.

The year is 2150. You play Greg, a young genius who is stationed underground to work on classified projects. One day, he wakes up in complete and utter silence. He then realizes the facility has been taken over by... something. It's up to him to found out what's going on and to get himself out alive.


Work in Progress images:
(all images are copyrighted to their respective owners - Mike and Orlando)


Your character. He is a young genius who has been employed by the government to help work on top secret projects.

Jorg Gruber
Jorg Gruber was born in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2130. His family then moved to the United States in 2132. He never really appreciated technology until he witnessed a space shuttle takeoff live in person. After that, all he ever talked about was space and spaceshuttles. After graduating college, he was employeed to work at ZURO-6 Research Facility.

Dimitri Ivaluev
Dimitri Ivaluev was born in 2101 in Moscow, Russia. At an early age, he had an interest for the universe and science. In school, he was one of the top kids in his class, he excelled at everything. After graduating high school, he enrolled at Moscow State University, he majored in Science and Technology. At the end of his last year, he graduated #1 in his class and was immediately approached by the Russian government. He accepted. He worked for the government for three years before discovering his projects were used to terminate Russian rebels. He defected from the country and moved to the United States. In 2131, he was transferred to ZURO-6 Research Facility in Austin, Texas. He continues to work there to this day.

10 futuristic rooms of the Underground Research Facility (map included)



Project Lead - Intro - Design - Basic Scripting
Nikolay "Cyberion" Ivliev

Module Scripting - Additional Programming

Puzzle Design and Puzzle Scripting

Dialogue - Writing - Story
Keenan "Goku" Weaver

Concept Artist
Mike Russo

Sketching - Background Artist - Design Adviser
Orlando Ramirez

Straylight Studios

Special Thanks to
Tony Zurovec

The game is based upon CRUSADER:No Regret/No Remorse developed by Origin Systems, Inc.
Crusader: No Regret/No Remorse is a registered trademark of EA/Origin Systems Inc.
All other trademarks are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.
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Unfortunately, this game has pretty much died so far. I haven't seen Cyberion on for a long, long time.
sorry i had alot of shit in my life recently. Car accident mainly, so i'm kind unable to do anything for a while. I started to type only few days ago... i'm in really bad condition. I guy the project needs to be frozen till i'll regenerate all my health (like they would say in the games lol)

Well, get better quick.  It sucks being laid up, even when you're not in an inordinate amount of pain.
back back back... with alot of enthusiasm and energy to work. Found a great character artist. I have negotiations with him currently. I'm not that often online. Hospital and private life, but at least i'm at home and this means i can visit internet more often and resume our game deveopment.
Wow man! I've played your testbuild and... I don't have words to tell you my excitement to see a new Crusader Game... I want more!! haha... Great work!!