Crusader: No Regret map info


I've tried the level loading code on No Regret and it works with zero changes. I did change it to hide the overlays that No Regret puts on parts of the level in level 1 since it hides most of the level space. I've then matched this to the guide to find the levels they match to and have a list below of all maps with something that looks like a level. The alternative maps might be the ones in actual use, but I think they're not. When I say 24,25 are alt for 4, that means they are laid out the same and contain the same level (each) but are most likely incomplete backups.

fixed.dat.0/1 == mission 1 (saucykobold 1-2)
fixed.dat.2 == mission 2 (saucykobold 3-5)
fixed.dat.3/4 == mission 3 (saucykobold 6-8)
fixed.dat.5/6 == mission 4 (saucykobold 9-12)
fixed.dat.7/8 == mission 5 (saucykobold 13-
fixed.dat.9 == mission 6
fixed.dat.10/11 == mission 7
fixed.dat.12/13 == mission 8
fixed.dat.14/15 == mission 9
fixed.dat.16-19 == mission 10
fixed.dat.20-22 == rebel base

23: alt for 5
24,25: alt for 4
26,31: alt for 2
28: alt for 18
29,30: alt for 3
33: jassica16

Map 27 had a funny picture on it:

That's Tony Zurovec from the group photo took during the development of No Regret. I don't believe we've ever seen him cropped out like that in the game before.

I was attempting to compile the code on Arch but was having problems. Haven't dug into it deeper, but I'd like to get it working, so I could contact the game's level designers and show them the fully mapped out levels to jog their memories.