Crusader: No Remorse full maps


Have shape extraction working, and map item extraction working, so I figured that should lead to a drawable map. At least that confirms my assumptions with regards to the math required to place things.

So here's Mission 5 drawn with that. It uses entries 8 and 9 from the fixed.dat file; entry 8 is the factory floor style map parts, while 9 is the office building parts. And yes, the images are *huge*. The site won't allow me to attach them directly because of file size. They are online at . I've checked the runthrough of AL82 with this map and it has all the items.

The mapping between fixed.dat entries and actual levels I think follows this:

28: Rebel base
29: destroyed Rebel base

Mission 1:
0: level 1, looks complete
34: level 1, most complete
56: level 1

Mission 2:
2: mission 2
3: mission 2 incomplete

Mission 3:
4: thermatron manufacturing plant
38: thermatron manufacturing plant
43: thermatron manuf plant
45: thermatron manuf plant
5: thermatron plant broken

Mission 4:
6: blow up comms
44: incomplete mission 5

Mission 5:
8: first half
9: second half

Mission 6:

Mission 7:
11: Blow up nerve gas stockpile
12: Blow up nerve gas stockpile

Mission 8: Save prof Willmar who dies on telepad
13,14: first mission with extra protection stuff, 5?

Mission 9:

Mission 10:
16: mission 10

Mission 11: Download plans for platform
17: first half
35: no idea, looks mostly complete level
37: incomplete cipher chip level
31: incomplete mission 6
20: Looks like part of a mission but incomplete. Has that big computer thing

Mission 12:
19: ????? Third done mission. Start matches.

Mission 13:
21: mission 13
22: incomplete mission 13
39: mission 13 incomplete
40: mission 13 very incomplete

Mission 14:
23: mission 14
24: mission 14 with cheese fart

Mission 15:
25: mission 15

Still need to check the details of some of these to see which map is right or which parts are actually used.
Hmm, looks like Imgur compresses the heck out of them (by resizing first and then making them into a JPEG). Kinda defeats the point. Will look for some other way to upload these.
OK, better idea: here's the code that generates these images. No manual, no guidance, sorry about that, but if you know somebody who can compile it for you & mess around you can probably get it to work.