Crusader P&P Roleplay game?


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Hi there.
Does anybody know, if there's a Crusader Pen&Paper Roleplay game somewhere? Can't find via google;
I think, the Crusader-World is worth it, to play it with a small group of players.


There isn't one that I know of, but yeah, it would be pretty cool to see one made!
I'm just writing a prototype. based on the Warhammer Fantasy-Roleplay, Mechwarrior-Roleplay and a german Roleplay named "Ruf des Warlock" (could be translated like this "Call of the Warlock").
I'm not sure about an ability-system, but i hope to have some ideas soon.
would it be okay if I take some of the pics here (download-area, fan-creations, modding) to get the "rule-book"  ... well ... "flavoured"?
First let me say Hi to all! Loong time isn't it? I came back! What I have to say, I have been playing linage 2 this year and last year. And I want to suggest something, will be cool a Crusader Game with the same environment as Lineage 2, I mean in the graphics camera pans, also sound effects. Weaponry and misterious weapons. You will be able to play online with another user and shoot him badly! Also TVT with an Army foundation. Because Lineage 2 is epic, the only thing would have to change are the weapons and Armors. This game L2 has really cool effects and great fiction combat. So what do you think? for me is the solution to Crusader!! Ah I imagine the harm I could do with a cool made Plasma rifle to another user, or a cool granade launcher!!! I badly miss Crusader and badly want to se a new!!  :D