Crusader runs in in the Pentagram engine


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I apologise if this has already been discussed, but I wanted to mention a project to rewrite the Ultima 8 engine called Pentagram.

Because Crusader was built on the original Ultima 8 source code, it turns out that Crusader also runs in the Pentagram engine.

Although the project is devoted to getting Ultima 8 running, if you go to the project web site and look through the screen shots they have images of Crusader running.

Here is the link if anyone is interested

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Hello and welcome to the forum, nice to see more people coming in.  :)

I knew about the pentagram project before I joined this site here but I dont know if it ever will be finished. The last update was 2007 so its not THAT old but yeah dont know. Since then we have Dosbox to run the game.
Yeah, I'm really excited for this project... I really hope a release candidate comes out... Can't wait to try out Crusader in Windows!
It's Engine, which acts like emulator. Something like Eduke for Duke Nukem which brings 3D models and provides high res graphics to the game.

Of course this engine is not supposed to bring 3D models, but good graphics and good run on nowaday's PCs should be garanteed.

Maybe we can play in higher resolution. Something like 1024x768. This will be more than enough for me. ;)
How do you get Crusader to run in Pentagram? I have downloaded but really don't understand how it works, and the readme does not mention Crusader.
Unfortunately I can't help here. All I can suggest is to contact guys on Pentagram's forum. If you get a solution, please post it here as well.
I talked to some guy today on the Exult forum about the Pentagram Project, and he told me that Crusader games are not currently supported, and that the last time someone mentioned supporting Crusader series was four and a half years ago, so I wouldn't get my hopes up.