Crusader Website (made in 2000 by Andy C)


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With my welcome to this great Crusader website i bring a gift to everyone!
I pasted this link on my "Hello" thread but for those of you who will miss it here is a link to the Crusader website i created 8 years ago -

I think mine seriously slipped through the net as i was completely unsure how to get my web page to appear in Google when people searched for Crusader, but i tried to include all the important bits and pieces i found on the few other websites that were around but also tried to include a more interactive state on the website where people could send screenshots and other information to be posted. I also had the idea of a league in mind as i remember one website already had a huge list of clans already set up eagerly awaiting "Crusader No Mercy"
Sadly none of this worked. Either people had no idea my web page existed or it just looked a bit too shoddy compared to the other pages around.
Nevertheless, for your surfing pleasure i give you my very old and only contribution to the online Crusader community!!!!

Andy C.
ohh my GOD!

how did I miss that thread. Nice resource bro. Sorry for the late reply... good job was done there!!!
Thought i'd check on here seeing as i'm at home for uni and low and behold i have 2 comments on this post :)
My excietment is coming back since finding this website but even though i'm on christimas holiday i have loooads of work and recording projects for uni but i'll be stopping by when i can :p

Need to get this forum alive again!