Descent Series: I, II and 3 discussion topic. Which of these 3 sequels r ur bst?

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This topic would be interesting here you can post discussions and opinions about the three sequels from an Interplay game. Which is the best game talking about the three sequels, starting from: graphic environment, effects and storyline. For me the best are: Descent II and 3. (including the add-on missions). Also you can discuss about freespace series. Would be interesting to see a Descent 4 sequel??? what do you guys think? ::). It would look promising ::).
If you someone isnot familiar with the games or don't remember them. Here I post the features:
The old flights simulators. Using full 3d environment, with the spaceships you can, turn left, turn right, pitch up and pitch down. You can rotate it 360? degress, that's the most familar term for these games. You have to kill number of robots in several levels:

Descent 1: contains 27 levels ( each 7 levels there's a boss robot) the other have reactors.
You have 5 cannons and 5 missiles: Laser ( 4 kind), Vulcan, Spreadfire, Plasma and Fusion).
Missiles: Concusion, Homing, Proximity Bombs, Smart missiles and Mega missiles.
No guide-bot ( you have to learn the exits from each level by memory).
Year realesed: 1995.
No intro video sequence.
And a lot of defects more...
Descent II:
The 5 comonly cannons above, plus:
- 2 new Kind of Laser. Gaus cannon ( like vulcan but better) (this is really useful for boss robots and when your energy is low).
-Helix cannon: better than spreadfire this cannon shoots 6 waves of energy mass. and rotates quite nicely. use this baby when a fucking robot is bothering you. (believe me with this baby you discharge you're angry with any annoying robot arround you) ;).

-Phoenix Cannon:
Watch out when you shoot through a wall, the shots from this cannon returns to you and hit your shields ???. Avoid shooting so much if you want to win the level ??? :eek:. This is perfectly usefull with robots that are non-seeing, in the actual room you're in. If you aim through a wall try that the shots hit the robot in the next room. ( I personally don't use it too much I prefer to attack the robots face to face).
-Omega Cannon:
This beautifull baby, it's amazing, it's a mass wave that blows anyting in front of you. better than Fusion Cannon. ;) But it usess too much energy, I use it in special occations, when for example the room it's hardly full of robots.
Well you just probably know that the first five missils are the comonly from Descent 1.
but the added on are:
Flash missles: Very usefull to confuse your robots, when you shoot this missil, robots start to confuse with a high light effect that do this pretty misil ::).  ???Watch out if you accidentally hit a wall really closed to you, believe me you probably don't want to do it ^-^.  ;DAt least you want to play the game completely blinded or white screen. ??? In level 16, a boss robot will throw you this misils to you, try to make him understand who is on charge here ;)!. My advice, use the gauss cannon.!. ;)

Guided missiles: This are really usefull to kill robots in a large distance. Or if you're far away from the room of the robot you want to kill. Throw it and use the toggle screen, the misil controls are equal to the ship. Be carefull, If a robot shoots you, You lose control of the misil and you waste it.

Smart mines: Perfectly usefull for the thief robot, try to set your rear screen in one of your ship's sights to monitoring him. I always set it in the misiles, on the right side. Then when he's near you plant a few and see how he blows up and recover all the things he stole you.! hahaha! ;)

Mercury misiles: For me are useless. I never use it. But I can say that are faster than any other one you have in the inventory.

Smart missiles: This are also really usefull when the room is overcrowded by
robots. Shoot 2 or 3 of them and say bye bye to them.!!! ???Seriously bye bye.

Earthshaker:please!!!, Please!!! be really carefull when you shoot this great babby, Try to get far away from closer walls and doors, and robots too.
This misil as his name is, shakes the planet  and also spreads 5 or 6 more misils that are guided automacally to the nearest robots.
A surprise is waiting you in the last level, the 24th's level boss robot will be using this misiles, so try to shoot it from behind and try to use you're new afterburners for scaping to the wave of this misil, believeme they're really dangerous :( :eek:, if you're shields levels are below to 100, you'll die.  :eek: :(
That's the way I discovered how to kill him. I ??? tried everything you can imagine to taking it down.  ???Then accidentaly I shot him from behind. ::)
- This sequel of Descent II has an Intro, and all the exits sequences from planet to planet. And also an ending.
- The cdrom rebook it's quite heavy and I probably know you'll like it.
Guide-bot including, say goodbye to learning all the exits by memory, if you don't know where the exit of a mine is?, Order him to look for it. But try to following him, don't fight back or you're fried.
- You can play it in dos and Win 95, 98 and SE, And DOS Box.
Year realesed: 1996.

Descent 3:
Well I can't say much about this sequel, I think everyone knows it but for those who don't:
Graphics environment: The first sequel that usess Opengl and Direct 3d Glide drivers, this reduces the number of polygons and spheres you used to see in the first and second sequel.
No more DOS environment playable. Every window OS, except for WIN 95, WIN 98. Is playable, better in XP, SP1, SP2. Better also in Windows Vista.
If you have a power video card such as Geforce, ATI or Vodoo, you'll enjoy the nice graphics that has this game.

Better video intro, restarting from where Material Defender left in space...during the last sequel. Do you remeber? his warp device was broken and he exposed to radiation and also warped to the sol system but nearly dangerous from the sun.
In this sequel the term of levels dissapears, now you play missions. Really actual missions, not only destroying reactors also rescuing people and disabling systems. The first 2 sequels where linear playable. This new is variable.
4 new Kind of ships.
New weapon inventory:
2 laser selectable cannons (non-selectable in the two first sequels).
- Vauss cannon ( is the Vulcan renamed for me).
- Mass sniper thrower ( this is a precisly cannon for a specially shot). ;)
- Napalm flame thrower ( throw this chilli to a robot an see how you cook it) ::).
- Microwave cannon ( this confuse the robot and disform it in a funny way) ;)Try it it's really fun.
- Plasma cannon ( an oldie that always enjoy shooting) use it for remember old times ::).
- EMD Shooter ( this shoots an electromagnetic wave, this flashes automacally guide it to the target without need of face any robot.
- Fusion Cannon ( great classic cannon, now with new hardware graphic effects)
- Omega cannon (stole the shields to your enemies and robots) ::).

- Misil S-1: similar to concusion misil. ( has a simple impact).
- Fragmentary misil: nicely spread of fire, throw this to a number of robots and see what happens!. ::)
- Impact mortar: really usefull for clean the room. Haha. ::)Try it.! really fun and Usefull.
- Napalm misil: a chilli pepper that it's really tasting similar to the cannon but in a misil ::), throw this to a robot and watch him how he burn  his nice ass.!!! ::)
- Cyclon Misil: this is another usefull clean room misil, and in the meaning, it spreads 6 minimissiles that are guided by the hot temp of a robot. ::)
- Black sharck:  ::) ::) ::) ::)This is the best misil I ever saw ::) ::) ::). 1st, Get Back, believe me after you shoot this, you better get back, or else you'll blow within your target.
2nd shoot it in a specially room, specially if its overcrowded by robots.
3rd see what happens.!!! ::) ::) ::) ::)
4th don't shoot it in a near wall.
Features of the misil: It explodes extremly great. It's an implotion of a death star, It creates a magnetic wave that atracts all the robots near the target and blows them all to hell. Has nice graphics but be carefull, don't stand so close or you'll be also atracted too, with your own trap.

Well in this sequel also there is an inventory for you're guide bot:
Flame extinter.
Driving crazy.

If anyone finds this usefull, I will be glad to know.
Re: Descent Series: I, II and 3 discussion topic. Which of these 3 sequels r ur

I really like first two parts, however third one looked stupid and kind of complex. The gameplay was boring. But descent series is obviously one of the best games ever created.
Re: Descent Series: I, II and 3 discussion topic. Which of these 3 sequels r ur

I played Descent (the first game) for a while. But old shooters don't agree well with me, I actually got sick if I played them too long at a time, Descent was the worst off all with it's 360 turning. Gave me a terrible headache so I stopped playing. I never had that problem again for the last 10 years or so and I've played plenty of shooters since, might give Descent another try sometimes.
I love the weapon effects and its damage, but I haven't finished yet. Untill I finish I won't be able to play de add-on. The most interesting thing of the 3rd is that we see the pilot of the spaceship, that's something that bothered me long long time. We only used to hear his voice. The first sequel is nice but for remember. The bad thing its the absent of a guide bot, that's really annoying. You don't know how many times I lost everything. The goodies weapons I used to lose everytime when I couldn't find the exits to each mine!!. >:D :D-.Kind of fun isn't it???!.
Most used cannons:
Plasma, Helix, Gauss, Napalm, Microwave, Fusion, Mass Sniper. EMD cannon.
Most used missles:
Homing, Guided, Smart mines (simple robots)
Boss robots:
Smart missiles, mega missiles, earthshakers, black shark, Impact mortars, Napalm missiles, Cyclone missiles.
I always save the great missiles for boss robots.