Deus Ex 3 announced


Eidos has announced the long-awaited third entry in the Deus Ex franchise, the sci-fi RPG shooter series originally handled by Ion Storm. The game is being developed at Eidos' recently formed Montreal studio for unspecified consoles, though PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 editions are likely.

The game is currently at an extremely early stage. General studio manager Stephane D'Astous told Gamasutra that the team just received approval for the title's proof of concept. The team will be allotted up to two years for development, suggesting the game is targeted for a holiday 2009 release.

"[Deus Ex] was very highly rated at its release in 2000, and we have this great huge mandate to do the third one, and everybody is very excited," noted D'Astous. The existence of the title was suggested in an Eidos interview earlier this year.

Deus Ex creator Warren Spector, who was also a producer on Looking Glass' original System Shock, is not likely to be involved with the project. Spector's company, Junction Point Studios, was recently acquired by Disney, with the creator noting that his next game was, "the only project that could've tempted me to leave the world of independent development."

And here is the Debut Trailer for you guys -

I'm very excited to play this game and I really hope that DX3 won't such crap as DX2 was.
I'm really excited, since I believe the original Deus Ex is the greatest/best video game ever made.

Sadly, this article is probably right, though.
I hope that this one won't be messed up like Invisible War.

I waited a long time for a new Deus Ex and hope that they go for the style of the first DX and maybe we even play JC Denton?

Who knows  :)
ha! about time they made a sequel :)
the 1st was awesome!! (and 1st in my list along with crusader)
didn't have the motivation to complete the 2nd and now with all the flaming at it i don't think i ever will

Keenan Weaver link said:

yea high chance this is true  :(
eidos montreal seems to be hard at work, i guess they might not dumb it down for the PC atleast.
October 9th!!!!

PC Zone is releasing info on DX3..
Almost a year since they announced the game with a teaser trailer...can't wait..just a few days..

( )

They also released an artwork about 5 months ago (1st post: