died and gone to heaven!

YOU DON'T HAVE ANY WING COMMANDER GAMES!??!!?!?!??!??! :( www.ebay.com right NOW.

Use DOS Box first... Check the DOS Box thread.
I think I'll arm an old pc to play fully flesh old pc games such as, Crusader, Descent, Doom, Terminal Velocity and others, Dosbox 0.72 still being slow, I lose precision in Crusader and I'm an excellent player! I play it in Loose Cannon Difficulty every time and had finished many times with that difficulty! But in old pc's rather than dosbox!!! and of course they should at least realese new crusaders for Windows Xp since the invented that crap of DOS BOX 0.72, they concentrate in that only! I know there's people like it. But I have loyalty!! :D Of course. C'mon EA update CRUSADER!!! >(