Error in Dos Box

Bboy Silencer

New member
Hey everyone, I had trouble running remorse in dos box here. I got dos box installed and I have mounted the drives to c:\games\remorse. When I ran install.exe in there, I got this error.

Unable to open file (null), in file FILE\FASTFLEX.C, line 38.

Anyone know how to fix this?
I suggest installing the game to C:\Remorse or whatever, then try running the game. Then when it starts to work, just cut and paste the folder into that folder you want it to be installed to.
Thanks! I got install.exe working. I still had other errors when I was running crusader.exe. There were other errors that I had to disable sounds. Black screens and more errors too.
sorry for a late reply, can you be more specific? I mean video card, processor, motherboard, sound system. Version of drivers for the video card.