No Regret Explanation needed for lines by President Gauthier


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"Carpet stain you call a soul", quoted from the last few lines by President Gauthier in No Regret. Since I am not a native English speaker, I fail to comprehend the meaning of this sentence. As if it's a kind of reproach to Chairman Draygan. Draygan was crazy and desperate in No Regret, unlike the person both strong and cunning under the same name in No Remorse. I guess the destruction of Vigilance Platform had taken away most of his political assets.
Still, I will miss Dr. Hoffman, for he is more fitted into that mobile combat armor dueling with "one of the Consortium's most advanced killing machines".?
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Well, the idea is that Gauthier is saying that where most people would have a soul, Draygan has the spiritual equivalent of a stain on his carpet.  It's meant to be insulting and derogatory, but also calls into question Draygan's humanity--and when Gauthier insults your humanity...
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Thanks for the explanation. Now I realize that it's not suitable to start a topic with this as title.? :-[
For any who feels offended, I am sorry. I didn't mean to offend.
Where can this speech be heard? The Crusader games don't run smoothly in DOSBox for me because of my ancient computer (Athlon 1 GHz with 384 MB of RAM) so I haven't played through the full version that I acquired on ebay nearly two years ago. I watched the movies in the FLICKS directory with the player on the disc, but I can't recall this line. If I know which movie it's in, then I can search more guided, rather than playing them all at a time.
I THINK it's one of the last video in-game...


prior to when Draygan gets into the robot suit.
When I want to look into some flics, I would use notepad to open the subtitle files ( those with IFF as extension in FLICS Directory) to locate the right one. Furthermore, using a multi-tab editor like notepad++ open IFFs of the whole mission at the same time.  That'll make search much faster and save some time.