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Jesus.  I don't care if it ends up sucking.

This picture makes me want to do bad things to my monitor.  Things that I'm pretty sure are illegal in a number of countries, if only because of antiquated laws against sex toys.
Sadly such promotion pics are usually cutscenes. Hopefully this is not. I wonder what that Elite (the Arbiter?) carries at his side...looks like a lightsaber.
Oh boy! That's the same anim I used first when I wanted to do the Crusader 3 but I realised that it's a waste, then I discovered, who am I cheating I don't have sofisticated tools for drawing, I even can't afford a Video Game career. Here in my country whe have THIEVES gobernating and the U$S is in the clouds 3,17$(Argentinian Pesos) = 1U$S. So If I get a job maybe but I'm in a town really small and I have problems moving in to the Buenos Aires capital, Capital Federal. When I solve my economic problems I will go there, by the way is good keeping on doing something I can't be sat watching the train going by.
Shinkuuuuuuu....hadoken to the THIEVES are handleling, and Had Been the country.
The Video Game career is 800$ (pesos). Que problema!!!.
Shin...shoryu ken...this time!!!. :mad:
it's a ingame screenshot, however I do not think that it is perfect. Better check Crysis guys. That's where the picture is ultimately perfect!
I did use the halo with red skin but I didn't know where was it that's why  I complained and I told some problems we're having here, and without agressive intetions. I figured that my intetion is completely different, I want to show what am I capable of doing with few resources as a fan creator, that's why I picked M.U.G.E.N and If I don't sell a game of this or sell the chars and respect the faq document I won't have legal issues, 'cause is a fan creation, but I was wrong several years before I quited it not only for economical situation, because I wasn't sure. Now I'm better and I restarted where I left. When I end my acutal career  I will do something about this legaly (creating my own games from cero) but this I wanted from several years as a fan of crusader. :) I've been distant these months to clear my mind and reflect of the fights we had and returned more fresh. I'm apologysing twice about that cause we're sharing the same things.:) ;)