Halp! I keep walking off the screen!



I started playing Crusader No Remorse again, via Dos Box and I still love that game. Between that and Syndicate Wars I lost about a year in the 90's.
But the problem is, last night during some heavy combat, I fumbled the buttons on my keyboard and now the screen no longer auto-centers when I walk off the edge. I can hit "z" to manually center it, but that's not really a long term solution.
I don't have the instructions anymore, but I still have the quick reference card and the official strategy guide and they don't say anything about it.
Has anyone had this happen to them? I'm goin' nuts! I wanna play Crusader, man!
you might have damaged the button on a keyboard and it is sticked. So probably the problem is your keyboard. Try to unplug the keyboard from PC and run Crusader. Will the problem remain?

P.S. I'm also moving this to the technical Discussion forum.
Hmm, I seem to remember having the same problem for a while back when I first played the game.  The CD is about 500 miles from me at the moment so I can't test, but I think the problem is that you've pressed a key combination that releasing the auto-centering.  Pressing it again should fix the problem.  Alas, I can't remember exactly what the key was but I think it might have been scroll lock or something similar.

Other that that, I'd suggest the trial and error approach of just hitting each key in turn and walking off the edge of the screen until you find the right one to fix the problem.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.
We have the manuals for download: http://cyberionsystems.com/echosector/index.php?page=24