Hello all!


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Hi gang!

Can't believe I've only just found this website!!!! I first played No Remorse when a friend got it bundled with a new PC in the mid nineties when I was at school and later gave it to me when he realised I was only going round his house to play it!!!

Completed the game many many times and loved the style, dynamics and gameplay and tried for years to get hold of No Regrets.

And finally, after about 8 years of searching, I have, winging it's way from eBay, a copy of No Regrets!!! I cannot express the excitement I'm experiencing finally getting the chance to relive my school hood days and finishing the second game! I found this site by accident trying to work out how to get it to work (when it arrives) on my XP machine and it looks like Dosbox is my answer!

Think I will spend some more time round here and swot back up as well as reminisce about the great days of Remorse and my favourite character, Wizard lol

Ah another member to welcome to the family  :D

And yes Dosbox is definately the first  thing to try when you want to play crusader  ;)
Hey norich!

WELCOME! It's always great to gain a new member to the site.

Wizard is also my favorite character! To me, he was your best friend throughout the entire game. The guy you could always go to for advice... that kind of thing.

Please stay long, we need all the fans we can get!  :)
Thanks for the welcomes guys, don't worry, once I get Regret going, there's no doubt I'll be needing some tips as I progress! The sheer excitement of finally getting to play the sequel is immense. What a geek! lol 
hehe Welcome dude!!,

I am so glad to see that there are so many people out there who played and just loved the Crusader games, !!!  :)  and just like me found this awsome site,  soooo Welcome again and enjoy it here!

GReetingss from LORD_DrDeathhand