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I can't believe i've only just found this website but i want to say a big hello to everyone!!!
I'm really glad to see there are still people who are feeling the love for Crusader! I've recently started to play it again on PSP but i've got the itch to play No Regret through again on PC!

I easily hail Crusader as my favorite game of all time but i'm pretty annoyed the game got cut off. I used to be in contact with a guy who had pretty much the only full up and running Crusader site a good  8 or 9 years ago and that's where i saw the only screenshot for No Mercy which was meant to be the 3rd game in the series. I made my own website all them years ago in hope that i would spark off more attention with the crusader community but everything seemed to had died down. I even contacted Mark Vittek to see if i could get some answers but all i remember is him saying they cut the ties and moved onto different projects.
Does anyone know anymore information on the situation? And also could someone tell me when this website started??
I feel like i've missed out bigtime!!!!! The web needs a descent Crusader community!
Welcome! I love seeing new faces here. The site started in September 2005.

Out of curiosity, which website did you make?

The games just basically stopped being made because of the departure of Tony Zurovec from Origin.
I dont know which site he meant but I think it was this:


That was the first crusader fansite I found  :)

Oh and welcome silencer0001  :D
Thanks for the welcome  :)

Good work Lt.JC! That was the website i mentioned that was the first one i came across that seemed to be the only one that was sort of still running. I managed to pester the guy loads at the time even though he'd started drifting away from the website which you can see from his opening comment (posted 8 years ago!!!!).
Mine was heavily modeled around his site as i was only 13 at the time but i still think i managed to get quite an independent feel for my own website, which didn't really matter as i got quite a few hits but no one interested that much to feel compelled to e-mail me  >(
And after all the pestering he never got round to putting the link for my website on his either so i will go on a quick search for mine now which i'm hoping is still alive!

And here it is! - http://members.fortunecity.com/silencer0001/index.html
There are ads always in the way now which are annoying but seeing as it was done so long ago i don't think it insults Crusader that much! Wouldn't mind the hardcore fans letting me know what they think and if they ever came across it back in the day when we were all scouting the net for like minded souls but if your like me didn't have much luck. I feel like a kid all over again! Can't say how exciting it is to have found a crusader community!
Since this thread i called "Hello!!!!" i thought that this could be a good place to say Hello. :)
I cant belive I havent found this site untill now. :mask:

Im from Sweden and I played the Crusader games back in 96-97 for the first time. And ever since then I have always called myself "Crusader" as my Internet ID. (So Im really glad you saved the name for me :D )

Anyway, Im a big Crusader fan and it broke my heart when the sequels didnt get made. But at least we got some sort of ending to the series that was OK.

As the rest of you I too really hope that RedLime is a new Crusader even if I think its a looong shot. But there is hope. And even if RedLime isnt it then maybe down the line someone whos a fan will resurrect it.
welcome, welcome ;) Feel free to stay here. Our number are not that big, but we are growing... mroe and more people finding this place.