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Hi, hope its okay to ask here.

So I've been playing around with CNRCEXP which has been great for capturing sprites and such.

One thing I haven't been able to find how ever is any instances of hud elements, health bars, weapon and inventory/shop sprites.

Has anyone been able to extract these from the game?
Hi, I've been doing this for a project that, unfortunately, never really got of the ground. Although I've extracted and classified close to all sprites from No Regret (silencer, enemies, walls, doors, etc.) I also don't remember seeing HUD elements anywhere. So it was likely realized in game in some other way.
I did stumble across them but tried to ignore them; I was looking for the in-game sprites. They're just scattered across the shapes.flx. Note that most of them are in sub-sprites; what for in-game models is animation frames, for the UI elements they're different bits being drawn.

Have the code in flux a bit so let me fix that and I'll see if I can find you some IDs. The graphics renderer will output at least 30k images, so it's a bit of a haystack to search through.
I did have another thorough hunt through the shapes.flx using Crusader Explorer, but had no luck, so not they can be found in that tool.
Found them. Was trying to find the analysis I did before and stumbled upon them. They're in gumps.flx, basically the whole file. The forum is dumb as a sack of rocks so the extension is .zip, but it's a .tgz file.


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