Interesting looking game under development see link

Yep looks similair,except its squad based like alien swarm but also has single player and a pretty cool story.
I think one of the original ideas for our project (CruNoVin) was to create a mod for one of these more popular third person games like Shadowgrounds or Alien Swarm... BTW, I read in one of your posts (your first, I think) that you also had an idea to create a new Crusader game in GameMaker. We sure could use some help, if you are interested.  :)
I did think of offering my services but im travelling at the moment in NZ so havent much free time and only have a netbook with me. I only finish travelling in Jan 2012 which may be too late as hopefully you'll be finshed  :).
I could try give you guys a hand what areas do you need help on?
daveyC link said:
I only finish travelling in Jan 2012 which may be too late as hopefully you'll be finshed  :).

Are you a member of a band doing a world tour, or...  :D

You mentioned, you can tell us what you did (regardless how simple or advanced it was). :)
Haha, no ring , just checking out the world, off to south america at some point near the end of the year.

Regarding AI, this is where I more or less threw in the towel. I just had enemies randomly walking about. They couldnt attack or anything like that.
They were just moving targets that I could shoot. AI is going to be really difficult but im sure game maker has some tutorials on it.
Ah the explorer I see. I could make Japan jokes... but anyways yeah thats actually where we are at. Philip and myself are testing out different methods of targeting and basic AI movement
Cool, you guys are def making good ground.
Are you going to inlcude the maintenance guys running for the alarm or putting up there arms in surrender etc?
Indeed. My goal is to meet and go beyond what the original AI was able to do - perhaps a bit of self-awareness and communication to other enemy units (some sort of team effort against you)