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I picked up No Remorse again recently. I find that my game CD is already prepatched. It claims that the game version is 1.23. So far as I know, No Remorse patches hosted on the Internet  are almost 1.21, with game version unrelated sound patch.
I compared the patch 1.21 and the sound upgrade file binaries hosted by cyberion with those respective ones on CD, and found that crusader.exe(different sizes and contents) and usecode\unkcoff.dat (same size but different contents) are different. Opening crusader.exe on CD with a hex editor, I found string "V1.23" while "V1.21" in the patch 1.21 one. It's running fine. A file called Whats.New on CD is typically the mix of docs concerning the 1.21 and the sound patch. It reads:

Crusader: No Remorse (tm) V1.23 |

New features:

    Joystick/Gravis Gamepad support. (Run INSTALL.EXE)
    Programmable joystick buttons.  (See README.TXT)
    Three levels of frame skipping.  (See README.TXT)
    Improved performance on 8-meg machines (See README.TXT)
    Known map bugs fixed.
    Elevator and teleporter hangs are fixed.
    16 Bit surround sound enhancment for SB-16 and Ensoniq.
    Full Gravis Ultrasound support.
    Ensoniq Soundscape support.

My original CD was broken long before I have the enough disk space to hold the disk image, or means of backup. The CD mentioned above was downloaded via emule, so I am not sure whether it is an offcial release. The game installer won't automatically copy static\fixed.dat on CD to harddisk even in full installation mode. I have to manually copy it to game dir to get the patch fully applied, otherwise "Using map patch file." would not be displayed during game initial loading.
Question: Does Ver. 1.23 indeed exist in retail form, or it's just a hacked version? Any ideas?
That version was included with the EA Classics and Crusader Collection. I'm assuming this version was what was included with those re-releases. With a warez thing in between.  :-X
I have the EA Classic version of No Remorse yet that version says 1.21. So my bet is that the CD comes from the Crusader Collection or EA actually has several Classic versions out there.
Is there anyone who owns an official ver. 1.23?
The MD5 of mine:
720a91cb1493a7662697a5efe900ca58 *crusader.exe
6d9fbb8314d2c01be75d36ad9e891ff9 *unkcoff.dat

If these files are indeed official, I would wonder what are changed.
There's no such thing as a version 1.23, the latest version of No Remorse is 1.21.
Hmm, I just found this topic again. Playing my No Remorse I saw that mine says "version 1.23" as well. I have an EA Classic version, it's virtually the same, all the original folder material was present as well, just the resistance handbook and the other manual booklet have been combined to one. There is a nice error though, the CD itself has a print of "No Regret" (the CD print is virtually identical to my No Regret CD, except for a production code at the bottom), I think that was probably an error. But apparently there is a version 1.23. It's possible there are no changes made but that the different version number was made to distuingish the EA Classic release from the original releases.


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I have exactly the same version 1.23 and the error print on the CD.

Thats what one of the shop assistent telled my father when he bought the game.
I think he said something like it was a mistake on production and that we dont have to worry that it is the wrong cd or something.
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While on the subject of versions, my No Regret CD says version 1.06, never knew there was a patch beyond 1.01. My CD seems to be an original release, not a rerelease (ea EA Classic or Crusader Collection).

Same for me : my No Regret version is 1.06...

And about No remorse, I have also the EA Classics edition (the French one) that has the CD print of No Regret, but it's not 1.23 ! It's the 1.08 ! Because of that, I can't do the update to 1.21 (it's only works if you have the 1.01) !...


I must try another No Remorse French CD I bought recently (first edition this time) to know if it's 1.01 or 1.08...