Level editor...?

JC Denton

Is there a level editor for Crusader No Remorse or No Regret? I remember I read somewhere that Origin planned to release one with their next Crusader game, but that, as far as I know, never happened... :(

Any suggestions?
Hah I wish there would be one but sadly there is not. None that I know of atleast.

With a level editor I could make maps for my number 1 action game this would be...I don't know too good to be true?  :)
I wonder why Origin haven't released editor to community? I guess anyone of former employees/developers could safely "leak it" to us, so we could try to mod the game/make levels/mission packs... I mean, Origin is no more and plans for future development of the Crusader franchise are bleak. Not to mention that both Crusaders are now very old DOS games, and I really doubt they're generating any kind of profit for EA (who, if I'm not mistaken, owns the whole franchise).