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Loaded Vista on my machine yesterday, and I needed to spruce things up a bit. I downloaded some very old Crusader themes, Wallpapers, Sounds etc. That got me in a mood to replay Both No Remorse, and No Regret via Dosbox.

and now I am sitting at work with less than an hour's sleep last night :(

The series will ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLWAYS stay fantastic. I remember the first time I played it, man................... I wish I can have that over again!

Here's to fallen Champions, and hopefully Project Redlime?
my memories playing regret was when professor sekada was there. she was a hottie. it would be quite cool if they make out when you beat the game =D lol. also the news woman of wec was hot too lol.

about project redlime, i really hope it's crusader as well. the silencer himself is like my all time favorite action hero :)
yep my friends! I'm in the same tune! I want a Crusader new game badly! the selfishms and ignorance I suffered lately in Lineage 2 makes me miss this for change! Accepting your fate no matter what! users there specially in hihgrate servers are so corrupt and they force you to lose in the easy way! avoiding healing when you're on PVP also they complain when you use a debuffer mystic which is supposed it's accurate! you do what you want! that's what I think! I flew away from many servers attempting to try WOW. But I still do want a syndicate online playable and non online game! Maybe it's old fashioned Idea but! I don't know why they focus only in money and money! awesome that at least have plans to upgrade the goodies oldies: here's my list
Time Commando!
Terminal Velocity
Crusader series
Descent 1 and 2. 3 is already playable on xp!
Freespace series.
Jazz Jackrabbit 1 (lovely rabbit with an ass kicking gun)
Prince of persia 1 and 2 deserve upgrade too!
and many more!