No Regret Mission 5: unreachable containers


See these containers on mission 5, second level. It's near the end of the level, the room before the regular elevator (not the secret one). How do I get up to those boxes? I tore the map apart looking for a switch that maybe activates a telepad or something.

And another thing, when entering the prison complex it self there's a room with two floor safes.
Where do I get the passcode for the safe? I know I can just use a datapick, but the game never forces you to use a datapick anywhere. There's always an alternative way to beat keyreaders or keypadds when you don't have the combination (either data link messages, monitors that bypass them etc).
EDIT: never mind the second screenshot below, it's been too long since I played. Around the corner is the number 132 on the wall that's used for this safe. I should have known since this level is known for reading numbers on the walls.

Yes, I figured this one out as well. First you can climb atop the platform using the boxes at 1 (don't blow them up). There is a hidden shootable switch at 2 to activate the lightbridge. From there you can jump to 3 if you position yourself right. Another thing to cross of my list!


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