No Regret Mission 6: secret telepad

Another one I can't solve. This one is on the lower (third) level of the Ore Separator mission, near the beginning of the mission if you don't take the conveyor shortcut. This telepad actually leads to the telepad on level 1 which in turns leads you to the conveyor shortcut. Anyone know how to open the door to this room? The room itself is not even shown on the map of the strategy guide.

Hmmm...I don't remember I managed to reach it on any playthrough in the past 15 years. :) I'll give this mission another shot over the weekend and see if I can find a way.
This one I haven't been able to solve. If you missed the conveyor shortcut at the start of the second level you will progress through the level, then drop down some grating at the end to the third level. Shortly before entering the main separator room you come across this room with the telepad hidden. I can't figure out how to open the door. The telepad teleports you back to level 1 to take the conveyor short cut after all (the box you will get there holds an AR7 and a Graviton shield). Anyone any ideas?


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Looking at the level file there, there's an E secret room there, with a pentagram. Did somebody find the way into that yet?

The level file has it with tag 0x22, but I can't find what would trigger it; I can see that it removes 4 black pieces overlaying the room when opened. Will get back to this when I understand the trigger logic more.
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Yes, it's in the part where the actual ore separator is. You first need to trigger a switch or keypad on the upper level in sight of the separator conveyor. It opens a door with a vending machine behind it, making you think "why is that?". Then walk south of the seperator to the area where you would arrive if you use the mega secret shortcut. Just behind the health station towards the SW wall is a pressure pad on the floor that opens a secret door to the teleporter. Be careful, stepping on the pressure pad usually triggers a wallgun shoot rockets into your face.

The E-room is a big easter egg. It contains every weapon and item in the game (so you can get a full arsenal here including fusion battery and graviton shield if you have missed those) and a funny little cut scene in the room with the Pentagram. You will be "attacked" by a demon from Ultima VIII, but Tony Zurovec (the producer of Crusader) will appear and tell the demon he won't succeed, after which the Silencer will shoot the demon with the weapon currently equipped (doesn't take any ammo or energy).