Mod2Amf Need!

I have no idea what you're trying to say, but I'm assuming you want to listen to the music from Crusader... As I said, they're on the site... Use ModPlug Player or the latest WinAmp to listen to the tracks.
no no, he means that he needs mod2amf.exe file which converted mod music to amf. I also have no idea why he wants it, but as long as he wants it, cold you GOKU pack needed files (*.dll if needed as well) from Crusader CD.
[ aga, mne nuzhno skonvertit` muzlo iz mod v amf, hochu igraya sluchat` muzlo iz pervogo crusadera, nu i moy muzykant delaet muzlo. kstati - - voj sait, ja tipa gamedeloper! :) ]
kak i mi game developers. No davai po angliyski, a to tolko ya tyt na rysskom govoru.

Translation: we are game developers as well. But lets talk in english as i'm the only one who speaks russian here.

Goku could you pack that file for Serge please and post a link to it here.

Serge? what kind of games are you working on right now any links? maybe we can cooperate in some ways.
Ok! I'm now develope shareware games - 3d arkanoid, but this is not dream!  ::) I'm make games over 4 years, and my first game - WolfLust (3d horizontal scroll shooter). BTW, i want make Crusader-like games, but  ::)
He-he! I think, you known about exUSSR shareware gamedevelopers :) If money not enough, you are programmer, you are designer, you are bla-bla-bla :) But, i'm lucky - i find good team: 2d artist ( , ), 3d artist, and musiciant.

And link on MOD2AMF has broken :(
Cyb, you really need to teach me how to use that FTP program.
very nice sketches serge. Anything developed yet? I mean any complated games or screenshots from the development?

On what type of games you are working on? I mean quests, actions, strategy, etc... which one you prefer the most?
Btw, i'm pay for scatches ~ 50$. I think, that is very good! :)

About my games: I make over 9 games,

Oh, big thanks for Mod2Amf!
nice stuff ;)

We are concentrating on 2d quests. Old school quests like Space Quest, Larry or King's Quest. That's what we are loving to do.

Although we do not pay to any of the artists. Our sketch artists work for free, I myself create 3D backgrounds and some 2d graphics. And i'm trying to be a coder as well ;)
Thanks! :) Old shool quests - rulez! Ex, Gnobliins, very funny and amazing quest... and why me talk about this game - Gnobliins - Legendary Quest, imho! :) Btw, my 3d artist have nick a Gnoblin! :)
About [free]-content, imho, if you want make good games with beatiful GFX, then best variant is order GFX, SFX and other stuff.
BTW, i'm as you: I myself create 3D backgrounds and some 2d graphics. And i'm trying to be a coder as well