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I silently monitoring this "echo sector" a looong time (from its beginning). A lot of interesting things were revealed here (unfortunately not many of them are finished) and certainly one of the most atractive/promising thing was/is the multiplayer code for both Crusaders directly from Jason Ely! Unfortunately it seems that The Crusader Multiplayer is still only a dream. Dunno if user "Jely" was/is real Jason Ely, but if yes than it seems like he forgot on us!

So my 2 main questions are these:
Q1: Is somebody in contact with Jason Ely?
Q2: Does somobody have some info about Crusader Multiplayer?

You can find here two main topics about Crusader multiplayer, one here: and second here: (I think that there was some another topic about this multiplayer aswell, but I cant find it now)... Does somebody here have some "fresh" info about it?

I understand that we have to be patient but its more than 4 years! I think that there was plenty time to finish it, so it seems that Jason Ely forgot on us (or worse)... I understand that "Jely" have another activities and more importnat things to do than working for free on multiplayer code for few crazy fans which still have in their hearts and minds 15 years old game (no matter how great the game is), but I still wanna play both Crusaders in multiplayer! Especialy now when finally released Crusader no remorse! So my point is to give some incentive to Jason Ely ...

I think that right now there are two possibilities how to do that:
1) To donate Jason Ely from our own pockets (although I somehow doubt that there will be enough people which willingly donate enough funds to make this Crusader Multiplayer for Jely realy interesting)
2) Contact the CD Projekt ( about possibility that Jason Ely can create/finish the multiplayer build for both Crusaders. Maybe they would be interested in geting/paying for exclusive multiplayer build! In a dream where are both sides interested, will get the exclusive multiplayer, Jason Ely will be properly payed and we will be able to buy and play the best game of all times in multiplayer...

So I would like to ask here two more questions:
Q3: Is here somebody who would be concidering the fact to donate Jason Ely (in case that he will really create the Multiplayer for Crusader)?
Q4: Is somebody here in contact with who can direct the attention to the right direction (to the Jason Ely)? Maybe Vagabond?

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Hey, I'm Vagabond on the GOG forums.

I just conversed with Jason today via Facebook. I'll let him know about this thread!
I would love to have multiplayer functionality in the original games!

As a side note, No Vindication will include a cooperative game mode, assuming No Vindication is completed of course. I have already got a small team ready for that job as soon as the engine is polished  :)