My Book, inspired be Crusader


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Hey guys I was playing No Remorse one day and I knew I had to edit another chapter of a book my friend wrote (demon stuff) and I was thinking maybe I should start my own book.  The idea hit me later that day and I did an outline for the entire book, i can't show you the outline, then you would know too much.  Anyways I will post my promo here (I post promos for work I do all over the web) when I get that done.  I don't have much work done because of college, but you guys will be the first to get my book when I'm done, and the first to get the promo.

That sounds really interesting. I wish you all the best with the project! And I'm already eagerly awaiting for some promo stuff. This should be cool, anyway, keep us posted!  :mask:
Ok this book has a silencer in it, and has many similarities with Crusader, but it's differences.  Here's my rough promo, and I still haven't came up with a name for my book yet and suggestions are welcomed, just tell me how you want your name in the credits if I tell you I'm going use it.

By John Holmes
Help from: Demona De Morte, Michael McCardel, Patrick Deitz

In a world where the government own everything chimerans, human-animal creations, are being killed off.  People are starving and , the New World Order is getting ready for the final strike on humanity as we know it.  But a small ex-special forces team along wiht one renegade Silencer and his comrade are getting ready to rebel against the New World Order, otherwise known as the NWO.  In this world where 40% of the population is chimeran, and the rest that's not a part of the NWO are beaten down will these rebels and Silencer be able to save the the fragments of this world?  Only time will tell.
Wow man Is awesome I had read it and sounds cool! I was also wondering to write something about my own proyect of Mugens. Integrating SFA characters with Crusader world characters! maybe I'll post it here! It's also one of my favourite hobbies you know! I love writing and creating lovely and some time strange stories! Always in english, I don't know why I don't use my own language! Some times to respect my country I write some in spanish for whom don't understand them :D. But as an English student I like to use the knowledge at maximum!. :D