My "Crusasder" character in City of Heroes MMORPG


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When I first started playing the MMORPG City of Heroes in April 2004, my first obsession was creating an "assault rifle" blaster that was as close to a "Silencer" in the Crusader games as I could make him. :)

I accidentally mistyped the name so the character is known as "Crusasder" :-[

He has a lot of a silencer's weapons, including:
-Grenade launcher
-Ignite (a flamethrower power that lays a damaging field of flame)
-Auto Fire (a very cool machine gun like powers that does incredible damage in a cone range)

Secondary stuff available in the Devices set included:
-Trip mines (no spider mines, alas! :))
-Time bomb (too tricky to use)
-Auto turret (a deployable auto turret but mediocre damage)
-Taser gun
-Targeting droid

There's even a later ancillary power available called "EMP Blast." :)

Anyway, here are some pics of my "Crusasder" in City of Heroes. Whenever someone asks me if I patterned my character after Crusader, we have a good time remembering that great pair of Crusader games. :)


In 2005, responding to a question about my costume and the Crusader games.


Portrait. I know in the games Crus didnt' have "bullet belts" over his chest, but I was unable to find a "chest plate" that matched that from the games.  :-[


Side view, firing his flamethrower. :)
That is the COOLEST thing I've ever seen!

Hehe, it sucks you're known as 'Crusasder'.

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I once saw a Silencer skin for Jedi Knight multiplay based on the Boba Fett model.  Sadly, nothing like that since.
If I had money to blow on decent connections and a subscription to City of Villains it would be awfully tempting to come up with an Enforcer template and start the WEC as an organization.
wow man...this is the most cool silencer that I ever seen. Great job Keenan!. :eek: 8).
Oh really??? I just saw that geo designed it, it's really great I saved some screenshots for viewing.