My Music Creations

I must say that it doesn't remind me much of the Crusader music of the past.

That being said I think it's a fine creation. It sounds very dark and gloomy and sounds like it could have been taken from a Half-Life 2 track of the sound of a horror survival game. This actually might fit the Crusader theme as I guess often it's the Silencer alone in hostile environment. And while the first games were all about going through guns blazing I can perfectly see the Silencer trying to stealth his way through areas, avoiding attention, maybe using dark airducts and such.

Nice piece of music.
Very good music style. I loved it. Sounds very atmospheric. However here I agree with The Silencer - it's not crusader style for sure. For me it's more like music from Dead Space game. In any case horror survival game is the best choice.

Maybe this music can be used in other future projects? lol

In any case, very good work my friend. I would like to hear more if you have any.
It can work if the Silencer runs around a place that is dark (power failure, malfunctioning lights, complex system of air ducts). But with that kind of music you also expect certain foes, like zombies or head crabs and that doesn't work with Crusader sadly.
I must agree too that it is not crusader style, thanks for the input though! I will post up links to anything else I happen to come up with.
Ryan, I really like the style of your music. Actually that's  the style I personally prefer. Loved 2 news comps.

Mind if we are successful with creating CruNoVin, begin the production of the space horror game? That style of music is perfect for this gender.  8)
Thanks man, I have more random tracks. I just realized this is in the Crusader Discussion so its really not relevant. Maybe dump this in the off-topic?
ohhh man, the first one is so good! Second one is ok to me. But the first one, I love it!!! Can you post mp3 file? I want to add it to my car music collection. Janus Control Theme forever!