My thought about this project


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First of all, anything which combines "new" and "crusader" is a gift from above. :p
Where's the Silencer? Greg = Captain?
Why a quest game and not an action game? you should call it: CRUSADER's QUEST or something, I guess.

But anyway, nice work.
No Silencer in this one.

We chose a quest game because we thought it'd be pretty fun to do, and we could focus more on the story than the action aspect of the game.

If this game is pretty good, I bet we'll do an action game.

A Crusader based graphic adventure is a sweet idea. But I can all ready see a major plot line spoiled looking over the characters  ;D
First of all, some small words.

I like the idea of creating a game in the crusader universe, and i thank god that you have taken the decision of making a mod to this great game series.
So i also want to excuse myself for my worse english because i'm from austria, so think about it when some sentences may sound.. stupid or insulting, don't be cross with me ;)
it's on hold. But I'm planning to continue to work on it. Now I have more time. first I'm going to update the website and add info into Armory section.

Than continue on modeling more backgrounds for the game.