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We have a musician in our team, please read about it here -

Goku, check emuka's website, listen to some of his stuff. I bet you will like it. Write a reply here ;)
I'm currently working on 4-5 themes, I hope I can finish the intro on this weekend.
I'm stilll need to finish a remix/remake on one of Crusader's themes, and this morning when I woke up I had a vision - ;D  - of the main Crusader theme what I would like to redisgn too.
By the way, could someone send me the whole storyline, so I could have a bigger picture of the game ?

I hope today I can buy a new MIDI keyboard - it's funny that you can't find one in Budapest...
I have about 100 megs of mastering techniques - in pdf format.
Would someone read it for me ?
It's not too big, about 5000 pages hehe.
Wikipedia has a pretty good summary of the story, not in very big detail, but good enough.

However, I think just knowing the storyline isn't good enough to learn the real atmosphere of the game... You should play through the games many times to fully understand how it operates.
Keenan Weaver link said:
However, I think just knowing the storyline isn't good enough to learn the real atmosphere of the game... You should play through the games many times to fully understand how it operates.

Hehe I didn't mean the two Crusader games - I played them over a houndred times - but the No Hope game. If I'm not mistaking, this won't be an action shooter so, in my opinion it needs a (slightly) different approach.
Oh, okay.  :-[  ;)

I think the script is up at the Cyberion Systems No Hope forum.
Unfortunately, I'll have a master exam (the final exam for my diploma) in January, so I won't have time to compose anything till that.
I made several themes, I hope I can finish/polish them.
I'm going to inform you guys and put them available !
Hi there !

Fortunately i passed my final exam, so I can resume my work !
I'll be on it 110% from now on.

There will be a new homepage soon [ ] and the themes will be reachable form there.
Any comments/cristics will be welcome !
I'll have a post when some stuff will be ready.
Is there a downloadable version of the game somewhere ?
And the more important question is, how are the themes included - I mean with what interface or something.
I'd like to try if the thing I'm working on fits nicely.
By the way, the music for the intro will be finished soon, just waiting to be improved by your suggestions :)

The themes/music will be uploaded at in some time !
ehhh didn't get it quite well about the interface thing.

As for the music, in general it's a dark depressive music. Some times horror music.

And i'm eager to take a look at your into music for the game. Can't wait.
With the interface, I meant :
for example :
1. is there a directory for music, and I just have to put them there
2. does it has to be included more deeper - or maybe in the code itself (ok this is nonsense, but...)

I would still need some running version of the game.
just compose in mp3 format. I'll code it myself.

As for the running version. I'll try to compile a testing build for you. However it's unfinished and many things need to be done. Currently I have no time to go on with No Hope till my job allows me. Too many work in real life.

I'll compile a test build for you and send you a link.
Hi !

Unfortunatelly I'm in trouble again... My Pc is out of order for at least for two weeks, so I can't do anything till taht.

By the way, I still didn't get a testbiuld !
heh ya was busy very very busy lately. trying to code the portal back, alot of work in RL. I simply forgot about the build. Lol.

I'll try not to forget about it and send it to you.
ok i forgot again lol. Sorry.

I'll compile a test build for you this week and send you an email with a link by this weekend :D
Cyberion link said:
ohh good welcome back mate. We all eager to see your work bud :p
If you want help for the music I can give you. I will be glad to help. I'm a good guitarrist and a good writer. Then I will post into fan creations some songs.