No Regret No Regret: Mission 3 - Where to find this keycard?

Another long standing enemy of mine. This area is in level 1 of mission 3. In mission three you can find secret ducts not far of the beginning and you end up here. At 1 is a keycard reader for a blue keycard. This is NOT the blue keycard you find going up the stairs in a safe as this opens the blast doors further into this bypass. Question is, where is this keycard? Is there even one? As I did find a datapick in one of the rooms. Usually datapicks in this game aren't needed and there is always a regular solution (well hidden monitors or keycards). But maybe this the exception?

In any case, it opens the wall next to it so you can access the wall terminal, that opens the small room my Silencer is standing next and the monitoring station activates the telepad which takes you to about the center of this floor, allowing you skip most of floor 1. If you continue up the stairs you have to fight through rooms and it allows you to skip floor 1 altogether.

Did anyone ever find the keycard for this?

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Turns out I had solved this in 2014 already with the help of some awesome members of this forum, see Long story short, you don't find the keycard when coming through the ducts. When you continue normal and decide to enter the big room you can move on to a center room with a telepad you need to activate with a keycard. There is a VERY NASTY hidden touchpad, see screenshot. This, according to the old thread, should open the secret wall at 1. It doesn't work for me for some reason, but that might because I hacked and blasted through the level, apparently I had gotten this to work. You walk through the wall into the room and find the blue keycard and an active telepad which actually takes you to he area in the screenshot in my first post. This is just another way of getting to this area (if you missed the ducts). With the keycard you can activate the chain to get the telepad in the first screenshot activated and get to the room with the safe and the other telepad.

So I thought you needed a blue keycard to get from the ducts passage to the center area, turns out it's the other way around. I think I'm really down to two secrets I never figured out and I think I know how to figure out one of them (similar to the hidden switches in level 2).


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