No Regret Official Strategy Guide for No Regret?


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Was there ever an Official guide for No Regret?  Currently I own the guide for the first game, but I am keen to get a hold of the guide for the second game if it does exist.

Thanks :)
Thanks, guess I'll have to find a copy. :)

Been playing the game again and boy its a real trip to memory lane.  Can't wait for it to be on GoG, so I can buy it for all my friends (even those who say they get a headache playing it, bunch of pussies)
The full name is "Origin's Official Guide to Crusader - No Regret" and it was published by Prima (the guide to the first game was published by Origin itself I believe). The ISBN code is 0761509259.

The book roughly follows the same setup as the No Remorse guide. It has a section on game mechanics and detailed descriptions and statistics for items, weapons, human foes and mechs. Then it has the maps for all missions. But in contrast to the No Remorse guide, only the important things are highlighted (No Remorse used to highlight everything, including every single camera for example, the writers thought this might be too confusing for the reader though and I kinda agree with them). The last section has a detailed walk through for each mission.

Unlike the No Remorse guide there is no background lore or art gallery included. It does however has five pages of "Crusader 2 Art Preview", but it wasn't really impressive. I guess the guide was a bit of a let down as far as lore was concerned (the No Remorse guide had quite a bit of back ground stuff) but it shines where it is supposed to shine...being a game guide.
I checked out the guide on Amazon.  New copies are going as much as USD80>.  Insane :p  Sadly though I can't even order a second hand copy as Amazon will not ship Malaysia.  Joy for living in a developing country...

Your synopsis on  Crusader - No Regret guide is interesting.  Though I never throughly read the guide for the first game, I did flick through it and it has interesting backstories and developer notes.  Fascinating stuff for fans.  Bummer the sequel guide lacks such information.

Any chance for the two guides ever going up online as PDF files?  Or are there legal issues with that?
I bet there would be legal issues involved. If you are able to use ebay you can save a search query for "crusader no regret guide" and be notified when someone adds an auction for an item fitting that description.
Found another online bookstore that sells it second hand and they ship internationally.  Will get it from there instead.

I asked about the PDF formats because it would be a good way for others to have the guides, considering how rare and sometimes expensive they are.  Since the game is pretty much abandonware, and probably the franchise as well, I thought the guides themselves would be alright to be freely distributed.

Though the status of abandonware has to come from the owners of the franchise.  At least that is my understanding when I contacted Activision about Dark Reign being abandonware or not (they said no).
I'm willing to scan my guides for PDF archiving for the site. Probably won't run into any legal issues.
I found PDF copies using google:
The Silencer said:
I found PDF copies using google:

Just wait 'til you see the guide we have coming up. They've been recompiled from source assets. High quality graphics! (for the most part)