Old project - new perspective?


Hey everybody!

In case that you didn't hear already - Valve released Alien Swarm game on 19th of July. Isometric style, fully 3D Source engine based game.

It comes fully equiped with the source code, tile level editor and SDK. Means - all the tools that the real fan of Crusader is in need of.  8) 8) 8)

So the idea is to use those tools for our goals.

In upcoming days I'm going to study the game and SDK more closely and see what it is all about. It seems all the projects were on hold, especially Jupix's Half-Life 2 mod. Maybe it's time to move on... we have some database of good 3D models, we have people, who can finish up the work. Let's see what happens ;)

Ohh and here is the link to Alien Swarm - http://store.steampowered.com/app/630/?
Very interesting! This game reminds me of Shadowgrounds or Alien Shooter. Speaking of which, I found out that Alien Shooter has a map editor, but it's all in Russian. Since I'm from Serbia, I could read and/or understand some of the stuff in editor, but.... well, it will probably become very time-consuming, very fast.  :p

IMO, Alien Shooter can potentially be a perfect environment (in terms of perspective and gameplay, not sci-fi, alien-oriented story  :) ) for next Silencer's adventures! Here's a quick look at map editor:


Anyway, I'm looking forward to next (fan-made) installment of Crusader series!  8)
As I understood it this game was made with the source engine (HL2) so the tools would be mostly the same as in hl2. Don't know if thats true.

But it's really nice, the game was a ut2004 mod before. And now its for source and even free to get.

The release timing could have not been any better because soon we have vacation and me and some friends are gonna have a gaming session in the next weeks. So this game is going on the playlist.  :)