Other "cheat" codes in No Regret


As I was disassembling a bit more of No Regret today, I noticed there were actually 4 "cheat" codes. You probably know what happens if you put in the No Remorse cheat code (JASSICA16) and the new no regret one (LOOSECANNON16), but did you know there's also a memory profiler (MEMORY) and a video test command (VIDTEST). Neither of them do anything particularly exciting (VIDTEST just plays the intro movies..) but it was a nice little discovery. I couldn't find any references to these online so thought I'd post here.

I went back and checked the same function in No Remorse, but sure enough it only works for JASSICA16 - no bonus extras in there.
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MEMORY enables a memory profiler, which draws lines of colors on the top of the screen. I haven't gone far enough into the code to know what any of the lines mean, but presumably they show memory usage. I'm sure they meant something to the developers..