Problems with the Crusader flex explorer!!!.

Hey guys, I'm having problems with the crusader explorer flex files (flx), skips to some code errors while you export them to raw all of it. When you want to export only one or you make click on the right list, it quits or close alone. I'm using Winxp Service Pack 1. Is there any file or exporter updated or newer??. Thanks. ??? ??? ???
It probably has nothing to do with it, but you should upgrade to Service Pack 2.

I'm not sure what the problem is... but that's because I never export the files, I just open the sprites and look at them. :)
well, when I'm trying to look at them I get that error, only by clicking the  list on the right, where are the codes of the flex anim, but it should extract or export them into raw or BMP!. So that's why I'm asking, and yes maybe WINXP has nothing to do but, might be a problem sometimes WINXP has some problems with several aplications. By the way check out my thread whenever you have the chance and see the progress. I needed for a more concrete image I have plans for use one of the LMC guards or Headquarters Guards as an enemy fighter for my character. You have to understand that my intentions aren't stealing, I'm trying to show you, what can I do with the few resources I have.!!!
I remember getting errors like this, it due to the export path or something like that from memory, just try and make a shorter export path with no spaces in the folder names.