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Andrew Ardito

New member
:):):):D Hello fellers I'm back on the road Crusadermaniac2007 came back to this wonderfull forum. And with new projects on the corner. Crusader 3rd War is one own self project as well. Restarted those back in 2007. I am working with Fps Creator 9.0 and 10x. TGC tool.:p:D:cool: And I'll show some of my work in progress.


Well those links and fotos are some of my best works ever and projects. "My idea is to bring back Crusader on a 3rd War using these powerfull tools: Fps Creator 9.0 and 10x. But with double sided projects. A)Spacecraft+Fps Shooter (rocks amazing) B) Strategy using Starcraft 2 World Editor. So here I am back on road fellers. From Argentina. Cool memories.:D:p


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