So where does one find No Regret?

Cyberion link said:
from all your games, I loved the one on top with 8800 numbers on the box ROFL. Btw, good collection mate.

do you know if this site ships to Russia? (for me it's unavailable, i mean i  can't connect to it).

Yow mate,

The cool thing about this site is that the people you trade with deside them selves if they want to ship to your country or to where ever.  Like I live in The Netherlands, and the dude I bought the Freespace 2 game from lives in The States, soooo he wanted to ship it over here, and I do know people wont hve a problem shipping it to Russia, as long as you pay for the shipping costs :)

GReetingss from LORD_DrDeathhand
I love descent freespace 2, and I have also pirate games too, but original are the following:
Crusader No Remorse
Descent 3
Descent Freespace 1
Time Commando
Descent II.

Age Of Empires (1, 2 and Conqueros).
Alone In The Dark 4 New Nightmare.
Call Of Duty 1
Commandos 1
Counter Strike (1.5 and 1.6)
Crusader No Regret (copy now, used to have original  :'()
Descent I
Diablo 1
Fifa 98, 99, 2000, 2001 and 2002 (some more torrents)
Half Life
International Rally Championship
Jazz Jack Rabbit 1 (Floppy) Lost :'(.
Jazz Jack Rabbit 2
Los Sims (The Sims)
Los Sims Mas Vivos Que Nunca (The Sims Living Large)
Los Sims 1era Cita (Hot Date)
Los Sims De Vacaciones (The Sims Vacation)
Los Sims 2 (The Sims 2)
Marvel Vs Capcom (PS1 Japanese Edition for Bleem)
Marvel Vs SNK (Also for Bleem)
Mame32 (include the roms here) :)
Mortal Kombat 1 (Abandom) ;)Thanks dos box!!! and you. ::)
Mortal Kombat 2 (Abandom)
Mortal Kombat 4
NFS Underground
Prince Of Persia (1 and 2) :)
Quake 2
Quake 3 Arena
Quake 3 Team Arena
Resident Evil 1
Resident Evil 3
Sim City 3000
Sim City 3000 World Edition
Sim City 4
Street Fighter Alpha 1 (PC Version)
Stunts (Abandomware)
Swat II
Swat 3 Close Quarter
Swat 4
Terminal Velocity Shareware (copy too)
Warcraft 3
Warcraft 3 The Frozen
Worms 3 Armageddon
Worms Party

Well this my lovely list of games, in movement to increase it. ::)