Some Custom GoldenEye 64 Music


I think years ago I posted a few tracks I made while tinkering around with my DAW. I've since created quite a few more and thought if you guys are fan of that old N64 game you'd get a kick out of these.

GoldenEye N64 - "Severnaya Twist" Soundfont Hybrid

GoldenEye N64 - "Runway Chill" Soundfont Hybrid

GoldenEye N64 - "Frigate Reprise" Soundfont Test

GoldenEye N64 - "Watch Reprise" Soundfont Test

There's a few more on my channel but linking them from my phone proved to be more difficult than I thought so thats all for now :)
Nice work! Not a huge fan of the N64 sound but I super dig GoldenEye's.