Speed up the loading of partially installed "No Remorse"


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My first impression on "No Remorse" was by its PlayStation version - great gameplay experience and yet, ultra high frequency of loading. When I was able to obtain its PC version, I was disappointed by its loading performance when partial installed. Slow intermission loading, and special effects loading in combat. No Regret, its for-PC-only sequel, is much better.
Of coz I perfectly understand it's reasonable in those days when resources were restricted and much less cost for "No Remorse" dev to maintain a game console compatible game structure, but it's discouraging for me to play it.
Recently I came across a DOS driver pack called QDMA and QCDROM, enabling apps to get the benefit of UltraDMA under DOS. I tried it, and it rocks! Now No Remorse loads as fast as (if not faster than) No Regret. I am beginning to enjoy the game.
Anyone who might be interested can download the drivers at
Please read the docs carefully.
I hope this would be of some use to those who are suffering from DOS games with large amount of I/Os.