The GL-303


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Okay, so during my lunch breaks at work this week I've been using the college 3D CAD progams to build a model of the GL-303.  I thought it was going great until I read the description in the No Remorse manual...

Standard grenade rounds are streamlined 9.2 centimetre projectiles weighing 102 to 144 grams.  The GL-303 mounts an internal 10 round magazine.

Okay, so I'd assumed the defacto standard calibar for grenades of 40mm so 92mm does indeed result in a rather nifty, streamlined form.  However, a 10 round magazine?  That's one hell of a big magazine, the gun would have to be huge to accomodate that.
Yeah by the looks of the gun you can guess that its kinda nonsense what they say, but It's just a game and they probably thought 4 grenades just aren't enough to blow the S**t out of the WEC  :D
Hey...that is weird  :D
Anyways your best bet is to model it relatively
I am working on the AC-88 Reaper  and  the PL-1 Unifier(also similar to UV-9)
I am just looking at the relative sizes of each part of the gun and modeling them.
Weirdly they don't seem long enough to appear kinda large ingame, elongating helps but this might just be my feeling when viewing through Sketchup viewport.

Currently I'm using the pics from this website as reference
They have high res pics of the guns (compared to the other ones I've seen).
It just struck me as funny that the blurb was so massively out of line with the model of the gun.

HP - good site that.  I may have to bookmark that one.