This would bee only for fighting games: MAME, MUGEN, NEOGEO or ELSE.!!!

How are your skills with RYU??, KEN??, AKUMA??, also you may discuss which are your best Fighting games!!!. Street Fight???. King Of???. Fatal???. Mortal??? Marvel VS? Xmen VS? M.U.G.E.N?. So there go. Shinku....tatsumaki senpui kyaku :) :)!!!! I'm a great SFII, SFA, SF3, SVC, or whatever concerned in Srteet Fight world player!!!. Specially with the fighter on your left...hehehe.

Also you can discuss which are your favourite or best fighters!!!.
From all fighting games i prefer MortalKombat. And my personal favorite character is Rain and Kabal.
Cool Cyberion, I use Kabal, SubZero, Scorpion, Liu Kang, Reptile, Raiden, Sector and Cyrax. I couldn't use Smoke since Mortal Kombat II, I'm not a genius in Mortal Kombat but I play good, but sometimes my friends are better the kick...beeep. So I sometimes get angry but, then I laugh myself. But In Street Fighter neither one of my friends playing always with the best challenger can win in a 5 times per turn!!!. And the cpu ai, I smash it, at this point It's almost like If I were the only allowed to use RYU, KEN OR AKUMA double teams in Marvel VS SFA or VS Capcom, or 2 (I ended the game 3 times with: RYU, KEN, AKUMA, RYU, KEN, Cyclops and the third three class characters: AKuma, Wolverine and Cyclops). This last is from MVSC2, in arcade mode not MAME or Dreamcast or PS2, I played it 3 times in big arcade machines. Real one all of them. That's why I love MAME, but I'm a little dissapointed because MVSC2 had to be in the list. Mame is changing now but there isn't any info about that game. The best emulator of dreamcast runs MVSC2 really slow.. I Apart from that I have a CPS3 for the Capcom webpage for the titles:
SFA3, SFAIII2nd Impact, etc. And in the new MAME version you can play them too. With several files like CHD(cd's images) also bios for that.
All King of fighters run ok in Mame32 but Still prefer NEORAGEX ;) :), because has better environment, with mame still being lots of bugs and scratches in the sound. ???
This is one of my favourite stories of battles:
Once in the 2006 summer I was on holidays here in Miramar is a small town next to Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires coast. I was in a video game room playing Marvel Vs Streetfighter in a real arcade machine, and 5 guys get close to me and started to watch and I remember that the machines room were all busy and of course mine too. One of them tells me, hey do you matter if we play a match?? Ok, I said I don't mind. I was using Ryu Hoshi and Akuma  ::) ::). The first guy selected the same team. I tell you, I kicked his..... Then the next one, he picked Ryu and Ken team. The same thing happened, hehehe!, and so on!. Finally the 5 guys left! and 4 of them were really angry, one of them with a smile telling He's a genius!, and told me you're excellent!. I started to laugh because their intentions were to kicked me out from the game, but I kicked them out!. This thing happened to me several times. Even with Street Fighter 2, using Ryu. :) :) Also playing with mame32 with my friends can't win me until today. :)Beside this there were times that I lost but I'm really strong to defeat or to knock out!.
The first time I played Street Fighter was in 1993 I was 8 years old, and the purpose was to play Mortal Kombat in that time we where playing it with a friend of mine and I always lose, then I saw this game and I inserted a coin to it, the first fighter I picked was Ryu Hoshi, and my friend said I remember, ?don't play that shit?, and ?I said shut the fuck up? I like this game and he told me  ?OK play it?. it was almost that Ryu was made for my fingers cause I finnished the game without problems.! hehehe.! Then I started to follow it every summer, when I lost to other game my secret was to play streetfight in order to save the coins!.Hehehe, so I played several times with Ryu, Ken and Sagat. Sometimes I used to pick Blanka or Guile. I hate Street Fighter 2 with Jean Clude because they concentrated all the fierce in Guile and left out Ryu and Ken. They made them see as fools. The real anime Street Fighter 2 is different and better. I get to the concluding that USA people sometimes can't do a Japanese movie or something relationed, they're very egocentric in their country or something. The only movie that was very good is Last Samurai with Tom Cruise. I wish a newer street fighter comes out but combined with X-men and Marvel.
For example, there are 3 spiderman movies, there is hulk movie, there are 3 Xmen. Why they don't combine it and make a movie of X-men Vs Streetfight or Marvel Vs Capcom or something like that???. I understand that the cost are really high but with the tecnology we have in these days. It will be great that movie I will pay for a movie like that. Not to mention about a Crusader Movie.  :) Maybe we should get on work guys!!!. :D ;)
i like kof and it requires more skills than any game you have mentioned there my best fighter is iori yagami.