Universal keypad code


In the process of fixing keypads (see the ScummVM thread), I discovered that the global key that works on all keypads is 74697689.

In practice in the game it's normally only 3 digits and on a nearby computer, so this is of limited utility, but a fun little fact anyway.

I think this is a new cheat code that hasn't been previously discovered? At least, I couldn't find any reference to it online just searching for the number and "Crusader".
New knowledge! I have never seen this value in my entire Crusader-loving life. Probably made for faster testing and debugging than having to discover which code was selected for that instance of playing the level, assuming it's a random selection from an array of values per device.
Interesting, I never knew this. I will try to remember this and try it next time I play. Is this for No Remorse, No Regret or both?
Pro-tip if you speedrun: don't do it on No Regret mode. I forgot how brutal the game is on that level. It's not even challenging anymore but plain annoying and frustrating as a lot of the danger comes from guards suddenly spawning in your rear, often with one-shot weapons. It's hard to prepare for that when you scouted the room ahead, roll in to efficiently take down opposition and camera's from cover you spotted when two suddenly spawned storm troopers with GL-303s come into view from your unprotected rear. I am using spider mines considerably more.