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Over the past several years, I have been carefully watching eBay for rare Crusader merchandise. In October 2004, I seen an auction for two posters, they advertised No Remorse and No Regret, this was an opportunity I couldn't lose... so I decided to bid. The seller was 'ghosthacker'. When the auction ended, I was so glad I was the winner. The next morning, I got an email to pay for the posters.... I look at the name... The seller, ghosthacker, was MARK VITTEK! I've been wanting to talk to Mark for ages and now I finally got the chance. I paid for the posters and sent him tons of e-mails about Crusader and other things. About a week later, my posters arrived. I seen the poster tube and my heart was beating very hard and very fast. I picked it up and realized there's no way two posters weighed that much. I opened it... and there were six posters!!! Three No Remorse and three No Regret posters. I immediately hung two of them up. I keep the other four in a secluded, safe area. Here are the posters as they are on December 17, 2005:



Then in November 2004, several days after my birthday, I received a surprise gift...

I opened it frantically and found out it was this!





I sent Mark a thank-you-so-much e-mail and cleaned the shirt. I made a vow never to wear the shirt, and I still haven't broken it.

Then in March 2005, I seen ANOTHER great Crusader auction, a No Regret team dev shirt... but something different about it! I won the auction. Here it is as of today:





I haven't gotten anything since then, but time's young... There's still plenty of other Crusader stuff around.

Today, January 6th, I received a very very very special gift from Mark Vittek... and a special surprise!





A Silencer standee advertisement! This was used in retail stores to advertise the game... not many are intact these days!

I ALSO got a ONE OF A KIND ITEM. Mark says there's only one of these in the entire world!!!!!


This is a poster of what the No Remorse box was going to look before they changed it to what it is as we know it today. I believe this was up at the Origin office when they were making the game!

Well, there's my time to shine. I'll update as I get more stuff.  :D
Re: Crusader Merchandise

Great finds man.

I'm especiallly amazed that the Draygan suit is still around.

Thanks for the pics! ;D
Re: Crusader Merchandise

Yeah, the Draygan suit is great. Maybe Mark will send me a WEC soldier suit. :)
Re: Crusader Merchandise

I envy you every time I see these pics... :eek:
I want at least posters in my collection ! :'(
"I'm not jealous... I'm not jealous... I'm not jealous..."
I don't know why, but I can't convince myself ! :'(

I LOVE the poster of the unreleased art-box of No Remorse ! :eek:
If I can, at least, have it in computer file, I'll be very very very glad !...

Tell me, Keenan... Do you have a (very) large scanner ? :D
Please ?
OMG!!!  :eek:

Goku, you have to find the biggest scanner and scan this baby for us :p

Those are some of the most unique items i have ever seen for Crusader games. Plz tell Mark my personal thx, that at least we can see those items via your digital photos :p those are great :D Congratulations my friend!
hey goku, i have a question, could you make a scan of that poster you have? http://img400.imageshack.us/img400/8436/rareposter7yu.jpg

I want to put it in our crusader art section or maybe make an unofficialy-official wallpaper ;)
Scanning it will be very difficult, since the poster is gigantic, and I have a pretty small scanner. I might do it in my own method... (Take pictures of it close up)
Keenan Weaver link said:
Scanning it will be very difficult, since the poster is gigantic, and I have a pretty small scanner. I might do it in my own method... (Take pictures of it close up)

any method, just scan it! Still waiting  ;D