Weird No Regret bug (?)


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I'd like to describe a very weird "bug" I witnessed several times when playing No Regret back years ago with my older 486 DX2/66. Well, I believe it could be a bug, but I never replicated it under DOSBox with my current pc. I also remembered talking about it with Jason Ely back then, but apparently he couldn't duplicate the problem himself...

So, the whole poin of this thread is to ask: did it ever occur to anyone else or was just a problem of my system/copy of No Regret?

Here's a description: the "bug" appears when playing Mission 8, the one where the Silencer is called to activate the lunar defence battery and destroy the incoming WEC reinforcemnts. There's that complex stage where the player must run to activate the battery in a short amount of time, then a movie of the battery destroying the incoming ship plays. So far so good.? :)
Then the player opens a keypad locked door located left of the room the leave the room: well, several times the door opened, but there was a solid wall with the texture of the Mission 1 levels (the one used for the freighter walls) and I couldn't cross it.? :mad:

Restarting that section of the mission did not work, I had to restart the whole Mission 8 to solve the problem (how I hated mission 8...).? :(
I seem to recall this could happen only if I used the quick save, using the standard save would raise no problem.

Could it be a problem with the savegame? Maybe it got somehow corrupted? Anyone ever found this same issue?
Yes, I experienced this once recently at a different location. To be exact, west wall textures of No Regret starting room, appeared in the level right before the countdown in Mission 8. I am not sure whether it is a bug, however, I tend to regard this as a mere accident, no more. For I have played through No Regret many times under DOS, and have come across this only once.
Corrupted save? Maybe, I played in No Regret difficulty. I increased my saving frequency where several Enforcers alerted already in sniper position waiting for me, then I noticed the texture inconsistency. I rebooted and reloaded to see that it's still there. It did not make a great impact on my gameplay since it didn't block my path.
Of course, I cannot rule out the possibilities of scratched disk, broken CD drive, bad memory, read/write cache TSR driver malfunction, blah blah blah...
It only raised a technical curiosity about the data structure of the game save.
Well, I guess my curiosity has been satisfied. :) Reading I'm not the only one who had this problem makes me feel a little better! ;)

As I said, that always happened when leaving the "lunar battery control station" room, blocking my chances to complete Mission 8. I guess I'm still trying to find out why that happened mostly because I always considered that section of M8 to be a real pain... Having to complete it once sure had positive effects on my self-confidence, but playing through the whole mission a second time was really upsetting.

At the time I wished I knew how to activate some kind of "No clipping" feature in Crusader, just to move through that blocked door. I remember I was playing on Loose Cannon difficulty and, funny enough, enemies did not seem to notice there was a wall blocking the path: an Enforcer blowed himself up with the GL-303 after he fired in my direction, but his grenade impacted on the "blocking wall" rather then flying up to the Silencer. :)
You can use God mode to run through that mission without saving to see if it's related to save.

I never use quicksave, I always use regular save/load to make sure I am really about to save/load. The result of hitting the wrong key sometimes would be disastrous.